MS Studios has merged with The Cav!


Last year Yaa B. approached Mr. Schaefer about forming a radio station for students as she heard that he was interested in finding a way for the student voice to be heard more given all of the technology resources we had. With her effort and the willingness of a few other noteable students including Joseph W. we worked on starting MS Studios. We were able to only meet during tutorial periods so it was difficult to really get any type of flow to the shows we wanted to create and publish. With that in mind, Joseph suggested we try to do MS Studios as a club. Being a club will allow us to meet on every Day 6 so we can plan, storyboard, record or shoot video in a much more organized structure. With Ms. Williams’ and Ms. Donnelly’s approval, MS Studios and The Cav will now be The Cav Studios.

Please visit us at The Cav Studios.


The club is open to all grades!

We made a short video about why you should join this club.